Toward High Power Laser (HPL) Optical Communication

m fsm45

CTEC is developing a second version of M-FSM45 Fast Steering Mirror, dedicated to High Power Laser (HPL) spacecraft Optical Communication. The M-FSM45-HPL is benefitting from a total redesign, in order to cope with [50W-80W] laser continuous power range, under space vacuum. The M-FSM45-HPL shall then allow high power Feeder Link applications, for both low earth altitude … Read more

Precise Electro-Optical Control for High-Resolution Actuation


CLEOPATRE is a state-funded project under the France 2030 framework. Its objective is to develop smart actuation systems for embedded electro-optics applications. Emerging markets in space (New Space), optronics, and industry need a mechatronic solution that includes electronics, sensors, actuators, and the advanced control. One of CLEOPATRE’s ambitions is also to democratize these technologies derived … Read more

Discover our Mini Fast Steering Mirror optical bench

demokit fsm

For our sales team, new demokits have been created showcasing the implementation of our P-FSM. These kits aim to demonstrate CTEC’s capability in developing compact mechanisms and driving electronics. They utilize either a P-FSM150S or a MINI P-FSM35XS, a laser, and mirrors to amplify the laser deflection, making it visible on a screen within a … Read more