IP management

In managing Intellectual Property (IP), CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES considers 3 main issues.

  • Management of IP production: There are different policies of IP Production depending on contracts of ownerships and  exploitation. The main issues are related to the IP rights resulting form the Project (Foreground Rights) and to the existing IP rights (Background Rights). The policy of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES depends on the type of project and may be adapted or modified.In a CAD Design Project for an industrial company, the usual policy is to transfer the Foreground Rights to the customer and to keep the Background Rights
  • In a R&D Project under Contract for an industrial company, the usual policy is to transfer the Foreground Rights to the customer in its domain and to keep the Background Rights and a license on Foreground Rights outside the customer’s domain
  • In a Collaborative R&D Project, the usual policy is to keep the Background Rights and the Foreground Rights and to offer licenses on Foreground Rights with favourable conditions to the Project partners

Management of IP protection: CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES proposes various services regarding IP protection,  in its technical domains:

  • Establishing the existing patent environment
  • Searching and analysing patents
  • Identifying innovations allowing patent applications
  • Preparing new patent applications (description, claims structure,…)

Within its R&D projects, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES can perform such IP services for its customers. Managing IP in R&D projects is especially important in the new technical fields where CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES operates since they offer many opportunities for inventions. However existing IP should also carefully be accounted when starting R&D activities. Combining its technical expertise and its IP management capability, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES may help its customer invest in free-of-rights applications, prepare strong patents (description, claims structure,…) and select patent attorneys for the formal application. Such IP services are generally very useful for SMEs who have no lawyer department.

Management of IP exploitation: The exploitation of background IP rights is performed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES in different ways:

  • Performing new R&D works, based on its technologies and IP rights
  • Manufacturing and selling products for professional markets
  • Selling licenses or licenses options on CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES background IP rights

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is interested in licensing its technologies (see IP production) to various industries, especially in mass production domains (automotive, consumer goods …). Please do no hesitate to contact us for further details on IP management and licensing.