IP production

IP production is performed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES for a large spectrum of partners:

  • Large companies, governmental organisations including labs, as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Various countries, from France to many other European countries.

These innovations are covered by patents applied by customers, by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES or both. Examples of patents application resulting from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’s inventions and associated partners if any, are given hereafter:

  • Amplified Piezoactive Actuators,  CNES (F)  [Gov.Org.]
  • Controllable linear magnetic actuators, OSEO (F)  [Gov.Org.]
  • Magnetorheological fluid actuators, FRAUNHOFER (DE) [Gov.Org.]
  • Electrical motors with vibratory elements and elastic coupler, FIGEST (NL)
  • Travelling waves piezoelectric motor, FIGEST (NL)
  • Piezo active motor based on independent stator modules,  CNES (F) [Gov.Org.]
  • Fine positioning system based on mechanically amplified piezoelectric actuators
  • Piezoelectric transformers, ETA (CH)
  • Wireless switch based on piezo-electric generators, LEGRAND (F)
  • Piezo electric valves Injector for internal-combustion engines, C.R.FIAT (IT)
  • Outqassing e based on ultrasonic transducers, GEOLOG (IT) [SME]
  • Contactor and circuit breaker based on a piezoelectric actuator, NBF (F) [SME]
  • Active damping of vibration of snow boards, SKI ROSSIGNOL (F)
  • System for active vibration control in a machine tool, ESTARTA RECTIFICADORA –  DANOBAT (ES)
  • Optoelectronic system, setting and stabilization process in cameras, SAGEM (F)
  • Contactless torque sensor, PSA (F)