Detection systems

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has optimized and prototyped different kinds of devices and sensors for Structural Health Monitoring and for Wireless Localisation. 

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems reduce life-cycle costs, increase structural reliability and extend the operational hours for a wide variety of structures. Using its sensors, actuators and transducers, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed various original SHM components and techniques for civil engineering (bridges, pipe lines, tanks) as well as aerospace (composite parts in aircraft).

Wireless localisation systems aim at finding the 1D, 3D or even 6D positions of one or several objects in a defined detection space. For such systems CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed innovative active detection techniques using both emitters and receivers, based on either magnetic or acoustic effects. 

Typical applications are underground urban pipes localisation via acoustic emission, object localisation in the ground using tags based on Magnetic Resonant Sensors, localisation for Computed Assisted Medical Interventions in surgery and robotics. Last new application is a 1m-range Magnetic Alignment Localisation & Tracking System for XRay imaging.

These detection systems are not available as standard products, but as “building blocks”. Therefore, similar products can be customised or adapted upon customer specifications.

Other detection systems can be designed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, using its design tools, lab facilities and technological know-how.