CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has been constantly upgrading and enlarging its range of actuator & related electronic solutions since the middle of the 90s. In order to keep pace with its customers’ needs and demands for efficient & robust mechatronic systems, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has been developing Compact, Dynamic and Precise components through several families of products:

These actuators as well as the dedicated drivers, sensors and controllers are presented in this section of our website. These actuators coupled with the relevant drive, sensor and controller offer a wide range of standard components and functions to build your own mechatronic systems and applications. In order to satisfy specific requests and demanding environments, CTEC can develop both customised components and mechatronic systems under your technical specifications, from building blocks. To offer its customers the “state of the art” of products, some new products are given with “preliminary data”, which means that the product has been designed but has not been tested as much as requested by CTEC quality standards at the time of printing.

Amplified Piezo Actuator APA600M
Fast steering mirror