Motion control

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES develops its own electronics to drive and control motion of piezoelectric or magnetic mechanisms. Open loops, close loops, thermal or linearity compensations, fast acquisitions, low noise amplifier, and so on, these electronics are designed to meet customers’ requirements by using the most adapted solution. These control functions are available on different numerical platforms offering high precision (16bits) fast computing capabilities : compact piezo controllers and magnetic controllers or its UC55 controller board for piezo lab racks.

For close loop control, a PID is implemented in standard conditions as this offers a good compromise between various needs. But in case of severe requirements such as high bandwidth or external disturbances, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES can propose advanced control solutions based on full state feedback. The counter part of advanced close-loop control is that it has to be optimized to the desired application: for example, a stabilization function will not require the same optimal advanced close-loop as a fast sawtooth. Further details are given in our dedicated control brochure. Such advanced control is proposed as a customized solution.       

Strain Gages Sensors For High Stability Piezo Actuators

Thanks to its extensive know-how of strain gages integration and new instrumentation equipment (incl interferometers), CTEC has managed to achieve nanometric position stability of closed-loop piezo-mechanisms with integrated strain gages sensors.


Space, military, aeronautical, industrial…



Advanced Control for Mechatronic Applications

This document presents the definition, the achievement, the key parts & laws as well as the setup at Cedrat Technologies (CTEC) to perform advanced control of its piezoelectric & magnetic actuators. PID is compared to advanced control, which shows better performances for specific needs.


Fine & fast control in the fields of space, optronic, fine instruments


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