For fine motion control, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES offers several solutions in terms of sensors, generally used for closed loop control. They are compatible with piezo and magnetic actuators, as well as the drive electronics.

Two kinds of technology are available:

  • Strain gauges (SG) are contact sensors measuring deformation. They  are  a standard option  in  piezo actuators  (APA®,  MLA,  PPA)  and  in some  piezo mechanisms  (TT, XY…).
  • Eddy current sensors (ECS) are contactless sensors measuring distance. They are  a standard  option  in some  piezo  mechanisms  (TT,  DTT, XY) and can be used with some piezo and magnetic actuators. They are also available as standalone sensors.

Cedrat Technologies also developed innovative custom sensors such as force sensors, position sensors or magnetic field sensors. More details can be found on the dedicated page in theTechnologies section.