We Are looking for more and more Mechatronic Solutions for improving flight or observation performance.

These have to be light-weight, efficient and highly reliable. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’s mechatronic components and systems for Air, Space & Defence can be found in airplanes, helicopters, missiles, military vehicles, Micro aerial vehicles (MAV), satellites and nano satellites, spacecraft, Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), to address following functions & applications:


Many fast actuation functions in air, space and defence applications are performed with CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES actuators, taking benefit of their high energy density, robustness and low power found in APA ®, LSPA, PPA and MICA.
These functions include: Actuation of flaps, fins, winglets in helicopters, missiles and UAVs ; Pulsed jets and synthetic jets in airplane ; Active Damping of vibrations for cameras, optic equipment, landing gears…


For the above-mentioned applications, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES often implement precise position sensors such as Strain Gauges or Eddy currents sensors in its mechanisms for achieving Compact Dynamic & Precise motion control. These sensors have been optimised for offering high reliability, low power, low weight and high precision. 
CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is also used to develop sensors and detection systems for Air, Space & Defence applications. Customized sensors include contactless rotation speed or torque sensors for example for aircraft ABS or helicopter turbine control. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in aircraft using Lamb waves is an example of detection system where CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES provides a useful suite of piezo transducers and electronics solutions.