Scientific instrumentation

Has the capability to design and manufacture innovating motion systems for scientific instrumentation. With a strong space heritage, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES develops reliable and robust technologies which now benefit to cutting edge structures such as synchrotrons, telescopes, environmental testing centres and many other institutes around the world. Our systems are used as positioners, scanners, shakers, shutters and force generators. Most of our products are vacuum compliant, non magnetic and can be placed in cryogenic chambers.


Atmospheric turbulences modify the properties of light. Telescopes need to correct these perturbations in order to observe better and further in the galaxy. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES offers compact and dynamic multi axis motorized stages such as Tip Tilts or XYZ. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is for example responsible to develop large actuators to stabilize the M5 mirror in ELT.
CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is now involved in several projects to improve the performances of our systems at low temperatures up to 4K. Infrared instruments will benefit from this research.


Synchrotrons run cutting edge science. They require the most precise and reliable technologies to study efficiently nano particles and atoms. Dynamics is also a very important parameter to shorten the duration of experiments. In collaboration with EMBL, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed a X-Ray dynamic & compact shutter. The most prestigious synchrotrons in the world such as ESRF, Spring 8, Argonne, DLS… trust this technology. Other functions like slits, mirror positioning, rastering, scanning…have also been developed.

Most of our products are vacuum compatible.


Quality of materials is a huge concern for industrials which continuously require more reliable and lighter structures. In mechanical tests, the required number of cycles goes nowadays sometimes over the billion. In vibration tests, frequencies reach more than 10 kHz. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES actuators offer these impressive dynamics keeping precision and compactness. They have already been widely proven in fatigue testing, shaking and fretting.