Electrofluidic devices

CTEC offers solutions for fluidic applications such as compressors, pumps and valves with piezo or magnetic technologies. Piezoelectric actuators enable fine control of small flows or very high pressures. Magnetic technologies are available for higher flow rates at low pressures. Here are the main mechanisms technologies for fluidic applications:

Proportional regulation valves

Proportional regulation valves achieve very precise flow control regulation, for either flow control or pressure control. In association with a position sensor, located onto the moving part, and a cascaded position / flow control approach, CTEC provides piezo regulation valves compatible with embedded operational environments, featuring vibrations rejection onto the poppet while flowing, to warranty efficient flow control during any transient environment.

magnetic valve

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) valves and Pulsed Jet Actuators (PJA)

PWM valves are high frequency on / off valves. The flow control is not achieved by a position regulation of the moving part, but instead by a modulation in time and frequency of a full stroke opening. Pulsed Jet Actuators (PJA) consists in such piezo valve operation for modern application on Aircraft aerodynamics to supress drag and drift losses on aerofoils, induced by boundary layers flow separation. The PJA needs a pressure source, as an active check valve, which is an alternate approach compared to SJA which generates a pressure wave by itself.

aconit pja

Pressure Wave Generators (PWG) and Synthetic Jet Actuators (SJA)

Pressure wave generator (PWG) is a reciprocating piezo mechanism actuating on a piston and compression chamber in order to provide a pressure flow oscillation at zero mean flow rate. Such actuators are commonly used on closed “sealed” volume thermal machines. Open circuit pressure wave generators at ambient Air, based on piezo technology are also especially relevant for Synthetic Jet Actuators (SJA), which is a modern application on Aircraft aerodynamics to suppress drag and drift losses on aerofoils, induced by boundary layers flow separation.

aspic sja

Reed valves compressors and pumps

Reed valve compressors are long life compressor dedicated to application requiring zero maintenance other year of continuous operation. Such performance is achieved by designing infinite fatigue life of reed valves together with frictionless reciprocating actuator and piston based on flexure bearing, and gaz bearing. Magnetic pumps are of similar actuation principle as per reed valves
compressor, making used of commercial check valves or customer advanced fluid diodes and membranes. Piezo based pumps allow compact design and high flow rate thanks to high frequency operation. CTEC Reed valve concept can also be applicable to pumps if static leak tightness at rest is not required.

mica compressor

To learn more about these mechanisms, do not hesitate to see our fluidic dedicated brochure

Gas Valve: PPV200M

In the frame of the ESA TRP Piezo Valve for Space Applications, a new low-power active valve actuated by an Amplified piezoelectric Actuator APA®, the APA200M, has demonstrated both Proportional Gas Flow Control and generation of repeatable Minimum Impulse Bits.


Gas Valve, Proportional Valve etc.