Piezo motors controllers

Piezo motors always need a combination of a positioning sensor feedback and a controller to be used as accurate positioners or motion provider within mechatronic systems.

The control of a SPA piezo motor requires:

  • a position sensor (for closed loop operation)
  • a signal generator
  • a one-channel piezo amplifier
  • a controller (for closed loop operation)

These 3 last functions and even more have been integrated in the “Stepping Piezo Controller” SPC45, dedicated for the small SPA motors. This controller has been built to offer large possibilities to designers, from fast motion setup to completely controlled movement. In addition to previous functions, it includes a friendly PC software interface, as well as USB serial port to meet every designer’s requirements.

The software allows the user to select the most efficient signal according to its need (speed, force, step size…) and to manage the closed loop when position sensor is used.

The SPC45 electronic is available as a stand alone product especially adapted to small motors as the LSPA30uXS. It is also included in the SPA30uXS developer’s kit.