Stepping Piezo Actuators

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES develops FSPA, LSPA or RSPA piezoelectric motors, MSPA piezo motors modules and SPS motorized stages both as standard products and customized products.

These technologies operate by accumulation of small steps. Between each step the actuator is locked in position. When the long stroke is performed, it can also be operated in a deformation mode for a fine adjustment. In this case, the stroke is proportional to the applied voltage, which leads to a nanometre resolution and a high bandwidth.

Some stepping piezo motors are available as standard and cost effective products. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES also offers Developer’s Kits including a motor, a sensor and a controller for a quick and easy prototyping.

Several customized SPA are also developed by Cedrat Technologies to meet various environments (medical MRI, space…) and customers’ needs. Examples of customized SPA piezo motors are given in the piezo motor technologies section or in our publications.