CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed many types of innovative sensors, especially proximity sensors,  for several customers’ applications in automotive, machine tool, aerospace, medical, optic & telecom fields.

The design of these sensors make use of different magnetic effects for getting contactless operations (proximity sensors) : reluctance variations, eddy currents, magnetostriction (ie magnetoelascticity), resonance (LC type) … 

These sensors are not available as standard products. They have been developed under R&D contract and give examples of what CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES can bring to a customer.  Some of these sensors are quite innovative and have been patented with the customer (for example the CTS torque sensor with PSA). Using these “building blocks”, its design tools and its lab facilities, new dedicated sensors can be customised or adapted upon customer specifications.

Thank to these solutions, complete detection systems are also developed for localisation, non destructive testing and health monitoring.