Powered Racks

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES proposes rack-based electronics as a solution for driving and controlling piezo actuators. They offer a highly modular approach for building a customised configuration

  • Rack-based electronics offer a highly modular approach for building a customised configuration.

Rack-based electronics from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES are highly-reliable versatile solutions dedicated to drive and control piezo actuators from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES in the -20 +150V voltage range. They can be configured to meet very various requirements:  very low noise, ultra-high power, large number of channels, open or close loop control…

To build a rack-based electronics, a powered rack should be selected as a starting point.

A powered rack is a rack equipped with an AC-DC converter. This converter is required to supply different boards such as amplifier boards (for driving actuators), sensor boards (for conditioning sensors), controllers (for close loop control and communication).

Powered rack can be selected according to different criteria : 

– Size : RK84F rack can welcome much more boards the RK42F rack
– Power : Racks are pre-equipped with various converters :

  • LC75B and LC75C are linear converters covering from low to medium power used to supply linear amplifiers LA75x.
  • SC75 are high power converters for switching amplifiers SA75x.

Main standard powered racks are listed below. Other configurations can be defined under request.  Please contact CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES to help you in building your rack-based solution.