Awards and Recognition

Quality being an integral part of our strategy we are proud to share with you that CTEC is ISO9001 Certified for the following activities: engineering, development, prototyping, pre-series or serial manufacturing and associated services!

As part of the development of our company and to meet our customers’ expectations, the Management undertakes to develop and implement a quality management system and ensure its on-going improvement. With this in mind, Management undertakes to:

  1. communicate the quality policy to the company’s stakeholders, the importance of meeting customer demands and regulatory and legal requirements,
  2. ensure that the quality objectives are established in conjunction with the strategic corporate focal points,
  3. carry out an annual management review,
  4. ensure that resources are available, providing a framework for achieving the quality objectives,
  5. ensure that customer demands are determined, understood and fulfilled to increase customer satisfaction.

Management uses the processes to ensure that the responsibilities and powers for relevant roles are allocated, communicated and understood within the organisation.