Piezo stages

Mainly based on the APA® concept, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed different mechanisms in order to fulfill its customers’ requests for several degrees of freedom kinematics. These mechanisms take advantage of the APA® concept offering a reliable, robust, precise and compact solution to its users. The Commercially Of The Shelves (COTS) Solutions for X, XY & XYZ stages are presented below. A dedicated brochure “XY stages Heritage” presents the customized and OEM XY stages solutions already delivered by CTEC to the Space, Electro-Optic & Scientific Instrumentation markets.

  • X piezo stages: single axis piezo stages take advantage from the characteristics of APA® actuators and flexure guiding to offer excellent compactness, robustness, bandwidth and resolution,
  • XY piezo stages: the two axis stages can be equipped with strain gauges for very fine positioning or closed loop control,
  • XYZ piezo stages: two axis stages can receive athird motion axis for three degrees freedom.

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