Space and New Space

Artist view of the PSYCHE mission satellite
Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is continuously developing and improving space mechanisms based on proprietary piezoelectric and magnetic actuator technologies. Starting more than 25 years ago with the qualification of piezo-actuators with CNES, CTEC is now providing to space customers complex mechanisms and actuators, such as Fast and Fine Steering Mirrors (FSM), optical scanning XY stages, voice coil actuators, electro-magnets, sensors, and piezo-motors.

The field of CTEC applications for space science, is ranging from either low earth altitude (LEO & MEO) or geostationary satellites (GEO), to far distance space exploration, with the capacity to provide custom mechanisms according to high space quality standards, as well new space standards.

satellites altitudes
satellites alt diagramme leo
satellites alt diagramme meo

After demonstrating the CTEC knowhow on major science space flight missions, such as ROSETTA (1999), PHARAO (2003), EARTHCARE (2014), MTG (2018), PSYCHE (2020) and IASI-NG (2022), in the field of optical pointing, nano-positioning, large angle optical scanning, and deep space optical communication, CTEC is continuously expanding its production capacity for space recurrent production, and is now developing new space drive & control electronics.