OEM Amplifiers

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES offers a range of electronic amplifiers and controllers to drive both in open and closed loop in an optimal manner its own range of piezo actuatorsmagnetic actuators,  fast steering mirrors and piezo motors. These amplifiers & controllers are available either integrated in powered 19” sub-rack (mainly for laboratory & factory use) or integrated in DC powered OEM board & box (mainly for embedded applications).

To fulfill compactness requirements in terms of driving and control conditions for its piezo actuators (static, pulse, dynamic),  CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed 4 standalone amplifiers & controllers :

  • CCBu40 is an embedded all-in-one controller for piezo actuators
  • CCBu20 is an embedded all-in-one 2 axis controller

The main applications for these two all-in-one controllers are: actuators position control, active control of vibrations and embedded solutions

  • CAu10 is a unipolar (5V..150V) miniature linear amplifier with low noise and low cost features.
  • CAu20 is an extra-miniature single channel amplifier for piezo actuators in open loop

The new generation of compact amplifiers CAuxx for piezo actuators includes PCB interfaces with standard connectors. The Compact Controller Boards CCBu20 and CCBu40 are embedded all-in-one 2 push pull channel controllers.

The Graphical User Interface to modify the parameters of the CCBuxx are similar to the UC digital controllers that can be downloaded on the dedicated page.