Magnetic actuators

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) has more than 15 years heritage in designing, optimising and manufacturing magnetic actuators for demanding applications. For instance, CTEC delivers space qualified Moving Coil Controllable Actuators (MCCA, also called Voice Coil Actuators).

Magnetic actuators complement piezo-based actuators well thanks to their combination of high force and large stroke, while retaining a high resolution displacement, compact design and dynamic capabilities.

From customers’ requirements and application description, the CTEC team can advise the best choice of magnetic actuator technology. Product lines for off-the-shelf solutions available from CTEC are the following:

Moving Iron Controllable Actuator (MICA™) proprietary and patented design from CTEC which allows:

  • High force density
  • Very long lifetime
  • High controllability
  • Low self-heating and cooling options for continuous full power operation

Customised magnetic actuators and other innovative actuation solutions based on magnetism are presented in the “Technologies” section Magnetic Actuators & Motors.