From prototypes to recurrent batches delivery of mechatronic products, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) relies in 2021 on a +20 operators, technicians & engineers work force able to manage both electronic and electromechanical products. This fast-growing team works in collaboration with the Engineering teams from the early design phase to ensure the level of performances, design-to-cost and quality required by our customers all along the Manufacturing Assembly Integration and Testing (MAIT) process of the product. This team manages the manufacturing supply chain and benefits from more than 1,000 sqm (1 000 m²) of production facilities.

Due to the large spectrum of market applications like shown in Scientific, Machining, Medical, Defense and Space, the production team have the capability and flexibility to address different level of quality standards, environmental conditions (up to ISO8 & ISO5 clean room) and production rate (from protoyping to a production rate of few thousands per unit by year).

The Assembly process covers the integration of mechanical parts, PCB (printed circuit boards), piezoelectric ceramics, coil winding, strain gages, sensors, electronic component wiring and mirrors to name but a few. In particular CTEC has developed a technological know-how as regards assembly procedures (pre-stressing, gluing), tribology (behavior of friction drive materials), mounting, cable securing, cleaning, and adjustment of active material applications and electric devices, in combination with drive & control electronics tuning and complex performance testing.