Piezo motor Developer Kit

Linear Stepping Piezo Actuators (LSPA) are long stroke linear piezoelectric motors for high precision positioning. Classified as inertial piezo actuators, they benefit from the APA® heritage, especially from their large deformation and high reliability. LSPA operates by accumulation of small steps produced by a sawtooth-like signal. Between each step, the motor is locked in position and that, without any consumption. As a complementary mode, fine adjustment of the APA® allows to reach nanometre resolution.

The LSPA30uXS Developer kit offers the possibility to discover the potential of the LSPA30uXS, smallest existing LSPA, in stepping mode. With an external dedicated miniature driver (SPC45), and coupled to a high resolution magnetic sensor, the Developer kit is a fully closed-loop solution for high resolution millimetre motion.

The LSPA30uXS Developer kit is made of different subsystems:

  1. LSPA30uXS kit (LSPA30uXS motor coupled with an incremental sensor on a holding platform)
  2. SPC45 driver
  3. SPC45 Power Supply
  4. Cables
  5. USB cable for GUI control

The Developer kit is a plug and play solution. It allows learning quickly how to use the LSPA motor. The LSPA30uXS motor can be extracted from the holding platform and integrated directly onto the user’s test bench.

The dedicated driver, the “Stepping Piezo Controller” SPC45 has been built to offer large possibilities to designers, from fast motion setup to completely controlled movement. Both USB interface and serial port are available to meet every designer’s requirements.