CTEC: active control of vibration applied on a ski structure

360°R&D, the ASRC Magazine, comes back on CTEC success story relative to active control of vibration applied on a ski structure. The objective of the project was to damp the large modes of vibrations keeping the robustness of the control and the static loads during the ski ride. Vibrations  up to 80mm pk-to-pk were reduced with an attenuation up to 30dB and … Read more

Piezoelectricity: a firmly established reputation for CTEC 3

Air & Cosmos magazine from April 2015 comes back on CTEC notoriety and know- how in compact, dynamic and precise mechatronic solutions. Most of our piezoelectric and magnetic actuators available as standard products have been initially developed for space applications, using ESA ECSS design rules. They have been qualified in harsh environment (vibration, shock, wide temperature range, etc) and are now used in Air, … Read more