Attend our training as joint event to ACTUATOR 2024

A picture showing diferent actuators, mechanisms and electronics from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES

The courses are opened to engineers, PhD students and technicians willing to have a first knowledge either on piezo OR on linear actuators. As these training courses are not part of the conference ACTUATOR 2024, a separate registration is required. Register for course Should you be interested in attending one session feel free to contact … Read more

Improved high frequency bandwidth magnetic Fast Steering Mirror for free space optical communication using model-based control

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Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM) play a crucial role in both optical communication and space imagery, serving a wide range of functions such as Point Ahead Mechanisms (PAM), Raster Scanning, Beam Steering Mirrors (BSM), Fine Pointing Mechanisms (FPM), and Line of Sight stabilization (LOS). The need for static and dynamic precision control is growing rapidly. Thus, … Read more

Complete pointing systems for space optical communication

advanced control technology

The CONECS project supported by BPI FRANCE in the framework of FRANCE 2030 aims to develop complete pointing systems (FSM) for space optical communication (FSO) ensuring both secure and very high-speed connections. To achieve the reduced costs required in New Space, the project will integrate innovations in piezoelectric mechanisms and optics, and new space electronics … Read more

Toward High Power Laser (HPL) Optical Communication

m fsm45

CTEC is developing a second version of M-FSM45 Fast Steering Mirror, dedicated to High Power Laser (HPL) spacecraft Optical Communication. The M-FSM45-HPL is benefitting from a total redesign, in order to cope with [50W-80W] laser continuous power range, under space vacuum. The M-FSM45-HPL shall then allow high power Feeder Link applications, for both low earth altitude … Read more

Precise Electro-Optical Control for High-Resolution Actuation


CLEOPATRE is a state-funded project under the France 2030 framework. Its objective is to develop smart actuation systems for embedded electro-optics applications. Emerging markets in space (New Space), optronics, and industry need a mechatronic solution that includes electronics, sensors, actuators, and the advanced control. One of CLEOPATRE’s ambitions is also to democratize these technologies derived … Read more