A successful participation to the conference ACTUATOR 2024 in Wiesbaden

We were heavily involved this year in the Conference ACTUATOR 2024! This event provided an invaluable platform for us to showcase our expertise and latest innovations. Our team organized comprehensive training sessions, offering attendees hands-on experience with our cutting-edge magnetic and piezo actuators.

Our exhibition stand attracted significant interest, allowing us to engage with industry leaders and professionals, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

We were proud to present a diverse range of scientific papers, sharing our research findings. You can discover below the topics shared with our community in Wiesbaden :

  • Optimized high-efficiency MICA actuators for space compressors
  • Magnetic Fast Steering Mirror for Inter-satellites and Feeder Link Optical Communication
  • Miniature Piezo Fast Steering Mirror for Optical Communication in NanoSats and CubeSats
  • A wideband vibration energy harvester with integrated energy management designed for harsh environment.
  • Improving dynamic accuracy of closed loop bandwidth of piezo mechanisms with advanced control laws and embedded eddy current position sensors
  • Inertial and Inchworm piezoelectric motors: Design and Motorization selection key aspects
  • Light-controlled mechanims based on photomobile polymers for seamless integration in demanding environments
If you are interested in reading theses papers we kindly invite you to contact us.
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