NewSpace: A New Growth Perspective for CTEC


Cedrat Technologies, based in Meylan, anticipates significant growth in its revenue and workforce by 2025, primarily driven by its technology for the New Space sector. New Space refers to the booming market of low Earth orbit satellite constellations for telecommunications. It is advantageous due to its lower cost compared to traditional large geostationary satellites that … Read more

Visit of Mr Sisaid, sub-prefect for recovery and transformation

Sub-Prefect visit

Many thanks to Mr. Samy SISAID, Sub-Prefect for Recovery and Resilience, and Mrs. Melina Herenger, 1st Deputy Mayor of Meylan (Philippe Cardin), for their visit today to our Meylan premises! It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss the CONECS project, selected as part of the France2030 call for constellation projects, and to show them the … Read more