Visit of Mr Sisaid, sub-prefect for recovery and transformation

Many thanks to Mr. Samy SISAID, Sub-Prefect for Recovery and Resilience, and Mrs. Melina Herenger, 1st Deputy Mayor of Meylan (Philippe Cardin), for their visit today to our Meylan premises! It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss the CONECS project, selected as part of the France2030 call for constellation projects, and to show them the resources deployed (human and material) to carry out this type of large-scale project for the space industry!

CONECS aims to develop complete pointing systems (FSM) for optical space communication (FSO), ensuring secure, very high-speed links. To achieve the low costs required in newspace, the project will integrate innovations in piezoelectric mechanisms and optics, and the development of hardened electronics and control software. The project will also ensure the establishment of a French industrial sector, made up of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, BERTIN WINLIGHT, CILAS and MICROTEC, structured to produce the large quantities expected in satellite constellations.

We are proud to contribute to the transformation of the French space sector!