Precise Electro-Optical Control for High-Resolution Actuation

CLEOPATRE is a state-funded project under the France 2030 framework. Its objective is to develop smart actuation systems for embedded electro-optics applications. Emerging markets in space (New Space), optronics, and industry need a mechatronic solution that includes electronics, sensors, actuators, and the advanced control.

One of CLEOPATRE’s ambitions is also to democratize these technologies derived from space and make them more accessible. Technically, CLEOPATRE sets four main objectives linked to advanced control:

  • Increase the closed loop accuracy of the entire measurement chain from 1% to 0.1%,
  • Produce hardened embedded electronics with high bandwidths at a cost compatible with new markets for medium-scale production,
  • Integrate sensors and electronics as close as possible to the mechanisms,
  • Qualify solutions in severe environments.