Moving Iron Controllable Actuator

Moving Iron Controllable Actuators (MICA™) are patented magnetic actuators, providing a controllable high force along the stroke. The technology of the MICA™ combines the power density of electro-magnetic actuators (EMA) and the controllability of moving coil actuators (MCCA). MICAs are versatile actuators: precise at low speed, efficient at resonance and providing high force above resonance frequency.

It is particularly suited for dynamic applications requiring long strokes. MICA™ actuators provide:

  • Large force in a compact design
  • High dynamics, meaning high acceleration.
  • High reliability
  • High resolution: MICA™ actuators have a continuous displacement, enabling to reach high resolution. For extreme resolution, frictionless guidance should be chosen.
  • Low self-heating: MICA™’s configuration natively helps in thermal dissipating and of course integrates a temperature sensor to monitoring the coil heating. Performances can still be increased thanks to cooling capabilities either passively (heater, thermal interface) or actively (fan, forced air).

Other capabilities are available as options or in standard (depending of the model, see tables below):

  • Frictionless long life flexure bearings: CTEC know-how in designing mechanisms has been applied to flexures, providing long life (more than 100 million cycles tested), friction free (linear behavior) and tunable natural frequency.
  • Incremental position sensor: Every MICA™ can integrate 15um resolution sensor. Higher performances (less than 1um) can be achieved upon request.
  • Accessories: MICA™’s design is also compatible with standard mechanical accessories: brackets, ball joint, supports…

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