The P-FSM150S is a new Piezoelectric Fast Steering Mirror which has been developed for Space Optical Communication, and which has been especially designed for very large scale constellations. The P-FSM150S was developed during ARTES project with CNES funding, in order to meet both ECSS space grade flight & low cost requirements for recurring production batch up to thousands of units. The design has been especially optimized to feature very low number of parts, with very fast manufacturing and assembly processes, together with optimized supply chain for large quantities of space grade optical mirrors. The very compact and light-weight design allows to withstand very high shock and vibration levels, while providing with +/-10 mrad large dual axis tilt amplitudes and high frequency control bandwidth. The P-FSM150S has successfully passed space qualification environments like thermal vacuum, vibration and shock testing. It is currently involved in a lifetime test demonstration at accelerated frequency and high stroke. This fatigue test already reached 3,6.109 cycles at the end of 2021 without any failure and on the way to cross the 10 billion cycles beginning of 2022.