The new PLa25 drive electronics has been designed for replacement of the LA75XX driving piezo actuators series. It is the first model of a new PLAXX piezo amplifier series that will help users setup simple, efficient and versatile solutions for their applications. The PLAXX amplifiers series can be integrated into a customer’s cabinet or delivered into a tabletop enclosure. The PLA25 drivers can be combined together in a master / slave topology, to provide multi-channel or push-pull configurations, providing 2.5 A continuously and 5 A peak, between -20 V and 150 V. With the PLa series, users will ultimately be able to combine drivers, sensor conditioners, controllers, and communication modules with entire re-design of its GUI. The PLa series modules will be optimized for a compact integration, without compromising the performances, offering a novel output topology able to provide larger transient output current, a higher signal to noise ratio and a higher communication speed. The first PLa25 racks have been designed and tested within the frame of the ACONIT project. A set of 17 amplifiers will be delivered in a 19” cabinet. Following this first delivery, the standardization of the PLa25 will go on, including CE certifications. The next step will be the development of the PLA05 amplifier, which will provide up to 3 output channels per module.

Download the technical datasheet of the PLA25

Pla25 linear amplifier for piezo actuators