Vibrations: Friend or Foe?

Vibrations can either be a help or a hindrance in high precision manufacturing, but whether they are your friend or enemy, they must be controlled. This is where smart actuators from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (distributed by ORLIN Technologies Ltd in the UK) come in. Their highly-dynamic response allows them to react to changing conditions and their compact size allow … Lire la suite

CTEC: a new generation of ultrasonic transducers

360°R&D, the ASRC Magazine, comes back on CTEC’s new generation of Modular Tranducers (see p.8). Indeed in the framework of the SONO project (which aimed at developing a pilot line for the production of medical antibacterial textiles) CTEC has develop a new kind of transducer so called the Modular Ultrasonic Transducer MUST that can be used in various field of application like Sonochemistry, … Lire la suite